The Utah Valley Trails Alliance supports sustainable recreation on the trails of the Southern Wasatch Mountains, especially "foothill" trails in the wildland-urban interface, through planning, education, and stewardship.

The Alliance is an advisory committee to the Mountainland Association of Governments. It’s led by citizen volunteers from MTB, trail running, and other user groups. Representatives of agencies managing public land (e.g. the US Forest Service and Utah Department of Wildlife Resources) and local governments are on the board.

Maps and planning

Provo Area Trails Project

This year UVTA will be helping Provo City and the US Forest Service Pleasant Grove District develop trail plans for the foothills from Provo Canyon to Slate Canyon.

Please attend our web broadcast Thursday, July 9 at 6 PM via this Zoom link. You may also attend in person at the Rock Canyon Trailhead Ampitheater, 2320 N 1450 E, Provo. If attending in person, please wear a mask and follow public health guidelines.

UVTA gathered public input about trails from Provo Canyon to Slate Canyon as part of our Phase 1 process in 2018; we have continued to collect ground truth information and discuss concerns with the Forest Service, and we are now seeing increased involvement from Provo City. Our initial focus is trails from Provo Canyon to Buffalo Peak. We aim to present a trail proposal in late July for consideration by the public, the USFS, and the city, and have a plan adopted in August.

Provo project materials and maps:

Northern Utah County

In July 2019, the Utah Department of Natural Resources adopted the trail plan we and they developed for the Timpanogos Wildlife Mangement Area. This added roughly 20 miles of official trails while protecting wildlife habitat, especially deer and elk winter range. See the latest trail plan map, updated April 2020. Signs are gradually being installed for the newly designated trails, and some reroutes and restoration projects are in process.

Thank you to all the passionate trail users who made your voice heard in the Timp WMA public input and mapping meetings we held in 2017-18. Such input is vital as we strive to represent the needs of all trail users and, with the land managers, work towards a trail network that is legal, sustainable, broadly usable, and coherent.

We also gathered public input in 2018 for Phase I of a county regional trail plan, covering foothill trails from Lehi to Provo. In October 2019 the Pleasant Grove Ranger District submitted a proposal for the federal NEPA review process; if approved, that will add another roughly 20 miles of official trails in the Forest Service-managed areas of northern Utah County, primarily near Pleasant Grove and Lindon.

Trails from Provo Canyon to Slate Canyon were within the scope of our 2018 public input meetings, but due to problematic trail conditions and complex land ownership, plans for that area weren't part of the 2019 NEPA proposal; see above for information about that process.

Southern Utah County

We helped gather public input for southern Utah County, from Slate Canyon to Santaquin, in February-March and October-November 2019. Congratulations to Payson City and citizen groups like Friends of Forebay on the progress made there! We'll continue to gather input and information as we help develop this "Phase II" plan through the beginning of 2021.

Western Utah County

We look forward to working with the BLM and communities like Eagle Mountain to help integrate plans for the Lake Mountains (and West Mountain) into the regional trail plan. Stay tuned for updates.

Three ways to find out more

To learn more about trail plan progress and trail work days, and to get involved, you can join our Facebook group.

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Finally, you can come to our monthly meeting. In-person meetings at the MAG offices have been suspended due to the ongoing pandemic, but we will continue to hold public meetings by videoconference; join the email list or watch the Facebook page for announcements.